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Welcome to the original and first ever website to celebrate the demise of that evil malign cow, namely, one Margaret Thatcher. This website was first started up in 2003, so we are the original and the glut of websites out there pretending to celebrate the demise of the witch are doing it for the adverts and money. This has nothing to do with money, advertisers are the scum of the earth and this is simply a honest website telling it how it is.

Thatcher was a puppet for the malign bastards who control the UK. The bankers, arms companies and the royal worshipping filth who would have us believe that freedom of speech is ‘ok’ as long as you do not tell the truth. The saying ‘the truth will set you free’ is now actually ‘The truth will get you a prison sentence.

Tory’s who are revolted by this website can rest assured that I am as revolted by their own shallow lives – and I hope every Tory reading this joins Maggie soon – and its a warm welcome awaiting, namely Hell! And if Labour party members are cheering, please, don’t. You are filth also. The best thing for the UK to do would be to get every last politician and anyone who wants to be a politician and put them on a ship bound for one of the nations whose citizens were murdered by the cowardice of the corrupt and often extremely stupid members of the Labour Party, a party taken over the middle class political class.

We now have a situation in which Cameron, Miliband and Clegg could join any of the main-stream parties. The people who vote and inform us that it is a duty should bear in mind some of us do not want to vote for parties who all covered up horror upon horror. This includes the high up politicians, cops, judges and others who preyed on children in council run homes. Jimmy Saville got an OBE, but maybe the establishment knew about his sexual preferences. The queen, ought to check out her own house also. No doubt some of the royals have been involved and Tory Party, Labour and Lib Dems have all sat on their arses because its money for nothing. MPs in the UK are child murdering enabling scum who ought to do the decent thing, get a length of hemp rope and do the world a favour.

So, reporters who want an interview, go forth and multiply – or actually – take contraception because if your children follow in your footsteps – its a fast-track to hell.

This website is created bya man from Liverpool, that’s all you need to know. And, I beleive in freedom of speech – so if your upset by this website – so what? That is freedom of speech, one man says one thing, another disagrees. So if you disagree, its your right, but don’t cry the blues over this.

And to Tory Blair – we hope the Iraqis charge you with war crimes. You would NEVER have took up a gun and shot an Iraqi – and the poor working mugs who join the armed forces to escape the dole, are sadly taught that its ok to kill people for our government. Sadly, killing anyone is wrong and killing someone because a politician told you to do so is stupidity in the extreme. If any foreign armed forces came to the UK to ‘free us’, we would certainly be blowing them up from day one and praising those who bagged a few invaders.

So, more soon people!

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